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Mid-Atlantic Firearms Training

Firearms Safety and Marksmanship Training in Maryland by Certified Professionals

A simple and affordable solution to keep you and your family safe!

  • Learn how to Protect Yourself at a Safe Distance.
  • Learn Risk Reduction Strategies to Discourage a Potential Threat.
  • Learn the best Self Defense Technique to Escape an Attacker.
  • Obtain Muscle Memory which helps Protect You during High Stress Encounters.
  • Learn the 10 Steps to use Pepper Spray the Right Way!
  • Learn the Best Techniques to use Pepper Spray!
Security Equipment Corporation makes a donation to RAINN for each student completing the SABRE Civilian Safety Awareness Program.


"In my personal experience Reality Based Training (RBT) provides the most effective means of preparing both civilians and military/law enforcement personnel for their moment of greatest dread. The CSAP program has embraced the RBT concepts consistent with providing the skills necessary to prepare for the situations that might be resolved through the deployment of pepper spray by keeping participants physically and mentally engaged throughout the encounter. Such learned awareness coupled with the strategies to discourage a potential threat and the simple yet effective self defense technique provides civilians with an excellent personal safety foundation!

Two enthusiastic "Thumbs Up" for SABRE and the CSAP program.!"

Ken Murray, Law Enforcement & Military Advanced Instructor & Author of Training at the Speed of Life

Pepper Spray Training Class by Mid-Atlantic Firearms Training 



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Have You Ever Felt Vulnerable?

Have you ever been awakened by a startling sound during the middle of the night? How about the last time you walked across a dark parking lot or felt that eerie feeling while walking to your car in a parking garage? Remember the stranger following too closely behind you? Want to feel more secure and less vulnerable? You can become a victim or you can take control of the situation. If you answered yes to any of the above, then you need to take this program and learn survival skills which may save your life!


Everyone Should Take This Training Program

Commuters… Retirees… Nurses… Couples… Homemakers… Bartenders… Singles… Runners… Wait Staff… College Students… Walkers… Your Loved Ones… Real Estate Agents… Managers … Women… Men… Your Children… Business Travelers…


If you work with strangers, this class is certainly for you.


Men? Absolutely! Whether you’re a male or female, even if you have proficient self defense skills, why go hands on when you can possibly avoid an attack or defend yourself from a distance?


Carry a cell phone? Maybe you’ll have time to call the police, but it could take several minutes for them to arrive!


You must be at least 18 years old to attend.


What You Will Learn

CSAP will teach you how to avoid dangerous encounters. Unfortunately, all dangerous encounters cannot be avoided; so CSAP will also teach you:


• Safety Awareness Tips
• How to Carry and Properly Deploy Pepper Spray
• Verbal Commands and Presence
• Training Drills with Inert Training Sprays
• Post Deployment Advice
• Simple Self Defense Techniques


Become proficient and accurate when using your SABRE pepper spray by deploying Water Filled, Inert Practice Sprays at Static Targets. Advance your skills by deploying the Practice Spray at your instructor during a simulated attack!





What You Will Receive

CSAP students will be exposed to three (3) hours of Safety Awareness Information, Tips, Skills and Techniques within an intimate and fun atmosphere. Class sizes will be relatively small allowing your instructor to critique your performance and provide important feedback. Each student will receive:


SABRE Civilian Safety Awareness Manual
• 3 SABRE Water Filled, Inert Practice Canisters
• SABRE Defense Spray with Quick Release Key Ring
• Survivor Skills for Smart Living
• Certificate of Completion




Why Was the Program Created?

Security Equipment Corporation (SEC), the family owned and operated manufacturer of SABRE Defense Sprays, wanted to further increase the safety of SABRE users! The Nance family teamed up with elite law enforcement instructors to design a program specifically to maximize your safety.

Although every SABRE canister is packaged with instructions on how to use the product, the techniques presented to avoid attacks and the practical training drills executed during simulated attacks give CSAP students knowledge and experience to live smarter and safer.



Who Will Teach the Program?



Your SABRE Civilian Safety Awareness Program will be taught by Bryan A. Fletcher, a Certified SABRE CSAP Instructor. Prior to becoming a Certified SABRE CSAP Instructor, Bryan had to display his presentation abilities, knowledge of the program content, and ability to teach the practical safety drills.


Knowledge, Enthusiasm, Passion, and Professionalism are required characteristics of SABRE Civilian Safety Awareness Instructors.


Of course we bring the same open, friendly teaching style that so many of you have enjoyed in Mid-Atlantic Firearms Training firearms courses to our Civilian Pepper Spray classes.  Again, we want you to leave with an increased level of Knowledge, Skills and Attitude along with an increased level of confidence in your ability to protect yourself in these uncertain times.







• Murder — Every 31 Minutes
(46 People Per Day!)

• Rape — Every 5.8 Minutes
(248 People Per Day!)

• Robbery — Every 1.2 Minutes
(1,200 Per Day!)

• Aggra vated Assault — Every 37 Seconds
(2,345 People Per Day!)

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